Frequently Asked Questions

Why “Ice Crime” ?

We chose the name “Ice Crime” as it refers to the product we are making, ice cream; and because we don’t add any sugar to our products while bringing you 100% taste. So actually “we stole the sugar”. It’s creative, we know.

Do you add sugar to your ice creams?

No, absolutely not. We sweeten our products with sweeteners such as stevia (natural sweetener with no sugars or calories from the Stevia leaf found in South America), and erythritol or sorbitol (sweeteners with no sugar and with reduced calories, naturally found in fruits like melons and pears).

Our products do contain a small amount of naturally occurring sugars, found in cow’s milk.

Is Ice Crime suited for diabetics?

Yes absolutely! We hear great feedback from diabetics on blood sugar levels after eating our ice creams. We reduced our carbohydrate content, and use sweeteners like stevia, which is commonly used by diabetics. Always keep on eye on your blood sugar levels, but we are confident Ice Crime is a great alternative to regular ice creams.

What kind of ingredients does Ice Crime contain?

We use high quality cow’s milk, stevia from Peru, chocolate from Belgium, almonds from Italy, etc. We build long term partnerships with our suppliers, and put quality before anything else!

How is Ice Crime reducing calories?

Our tubs and sticks contain between 40% and 70% less sugar and calories, compared to widely available ice creams on the market. We do this by replacing sugar with sweeteners like stevia, and by using coconut oil in our sticks.

What is the Nutri-Score of Ice Crime?

Our Vanilla 1000ml tub has score A (yes, that is the most healthy level), while our 50ml sticks have score C (still much better compared to regular sticks on the market).

Is Ice Crime nut free?

Yes, except our Mini Almond which contains deliciously roasted almond chunks. All our sticks can contain traces of nuts.

Is Ice Crime vegetarian?

Yes, absolutely.

Is Ice Crime gluten free?

Yes, absolutely, although our sticks can contain traces of gluten.

Where can you buy Ice Crime?

Our products are currently available in +450 stores in Belgium, and we are constantly on the look-out for new opportunities.

Where to buy?

Find an Ice Crime retailer near you and discover our finger-licking, guilt-free ice cream today!