Our mission

To create and promote no added sugar, low calorie, great tasting ice cream. Our deliciously healthy products are naturally sweetened with stevia. Our goal? Making sure anyone can enjoy them guilt-free. Stealing sugar never tasted so good.

How we make it

Ice Crime Crafted In Belgium

Crafted with love and made from the finest ingredients

Ice Crime 0% Added Sugar

Sweetened with stevia, extracted from leaves from the Peruvian Andes

Ice Crime 100% Taste

Scoop after scoop

Ice Crime. This product contains 45% less kcal

Up to 45% less kcal than the market reference in ice cream. Healthy indulgence guaranteed

Ice Crime Team Charles And Peter

Who we are

Hi! We’re Peter and Charles. Two guys with a totally different background but a shared passion for entrepreneurship and ice cream. We believe taste and health can go together, so we decided to steal the sugar and to launch Ice Crime. The result? Five delicious low-calorie products with no added sugar and all the taste you can possibly wish for.

Share your sweet love

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